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Calling all Young Grain Growers

Calling all Young Grain Growers

Want to drive change on farm and in the Grains industry? The 2016 Australian Farm Grain Leaders Program is about to kick off. Join 9 other young farmers to visit farms in Queensland and Western Australia and visit with industry leaders in Sydney . Grow your own knowledge and skills to apply to your own farm project. Meet industry leaders and attend the industry’s Innovation Generation conference in Western Australia. For more Information contact Facilitator – Jo Eady Phone 0419912879 or email jo.eady@bigpond.com. Applications close 29 January. This program is an initiative of and funded by Grain Growers Limited.
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PBA Nasma released at Narrabri

PBA Nasma released at Narrabri

RUTH CASKEY22 Sep, 2015 04:00 AM The Land Newspaper

GROWERS looking to maximise nitrogen fixes and improve crop rotations could look towards the latest faba bean variety on the market, PBA Nasma.

The variety was released at the annual University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute field day at Narrabri last week.

It's the first variety released since PBA Warda in 2012.

Narrabri-based University of Sydney plant breeder Kedar Adhikari said Nasma was a much improved version of Warda, improving crop quality while maintaining a solid disease package.

"The biggest improvement is that Nasma can yield three to five per cent more than Warda, in both irrigated and dryland operations," Dr Adhikari said.

"It does that with no compromise in the disease package, so farmers are sure to be happy about that."

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Field Day brings growers up to date on varieties, challenges

Field Day brings growers up to date on varieties, challenges

PICTURED: Bellata farmers Glenn Fernance, Drew Penberthy and Mick Coffey at the Lochearn field day.

About 150 people travelled to ‘Lochearn’ east of Bellata on Tuesday to see exciting trials of the newest winter crop varieties.

Farmers, agronomists, bankers and industry representatives attended the field day, run by Kalyx and Drew Penberthy of Penberthy Agricultural Consultants (Penagcon).

New wheat, faba bean, chickpea, canola and safflower varieties were demonstrated.

A new variety of durum, Lillaroi, developed by the Department of Primary Industries was also launched on the day.

Crown rot resistance in wheat and legume treatments to induce higher yield in legumes were key discussion points while Richard Daniels from the Northern Grower Alliance spoke about nitrogen management and protein accumulation.

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