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The Glove box Guide to Mental Health

The Glove box Guide to Mental Health

Glove Box Guide to Mental Health is available now and has got everyone talking across NSW.

Featuring personal stories from people across all of life's stages; including teenagers who have experienced a family members' mental illness, stories about postnatal depression and the effects on family members from suicide.


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Call for senate inquiry into CSG

Call for senate inquiry into CSG

By Jamieson Murphy Nov. 15, 2015, 8:30 p.m. The Northern Daily Leader

THE unconventional gas industry has labelled Senator Glenn Lazarus’s call for a committee to look into the impact of unconventional gas mining in Australia as “politically motivated”.

Coal seam gas exploration is the biggest unconventional mining issue in the North West, with Santos holding exploration licences over parts of the Pilliga Forest, Narrabri surrounds and other parts of the region. 

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You are invited to take part in this month's online Friday Forum!

The Land and RAMHP have partnered to get more people talking about mental health. Join us on the 11th September to talk about important mental health issues.

When: Friday 11th September at 12 noon

Where: Go to The Land website on the day and follow the links on the homepage

There is ongoing concern about mental health and suicide in rural and remote NSW.
Life can be tough and problems can seem overwhelming at times. It can be very difficult to know what to do and how to cope but there is help available.

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day and  R U OK? Day on the 10th of September, this month's online forum will focus on mental health and suicide.

Our expert panel are ready to answer your questions about a number of important issues, including:
preventing suicide and providing support in tough times
how to tell if someone is thinking about suicide and what to do about it
how to have a difficult conversation
how to reduce stigma associated with mental illness, and
understanding what it is like to be bereaved by suicide.


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