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Newsletter from FRRR

Newsletter from FRRR

From the desk of the CEO Alexandra Gartmann

As you may have seen on social media, we have been celebrating: last financial year we committed a record $8.4 million to rural, regional and remote community groups – an increase of more than $2 million on the prior year.    To read more from the CEO click the heading.
Program update

The end of financial year is always busy and we've recently announced more than $857,000 in grants across three programs - Small Grants for Rural Communities (Round 27); Repair-Restore-Renew 2013; and CIRCLE Leadership Grants.

We're preparing for the official grants presentation ceremony for theGardiner Dairy Foundation Working in Dairy Communities program, and are in the process of assessing applications for Dairy Australia's LEGENDAIRY Capital program and the FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants, as well as the recently closed Community Philanthropy Partnerships Week grants.

Grant programs currently open include:

Read more about these grants that are available click on the heading above

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